What are the limits with a Premium API account?



We want to develop a customer service app like this:

  • we will use Activity API to get all tweets of customer service accounts (there will be one account for each of our future client)
  • we also want to get the tweets that has the client’s name in them, in a hashtag or directly in the tweet. For that, we suppose that we will use the Search API? I have seen some “Powertrack API”, but it looks a bit deprecated, and there is no price for Enterprise accounts.
  • we will answer to these tweets with Direct messaging or replies

I struggle to find any limit with the APIs, except for the Search API (500 per days with Premium account? depending on the price tier), and global twitter limits (1000 direct messages per day per account, and 2400 tweets per day per account).

Are there any other limits? Can we get unlimited Activity API notifications? Is it possible to send more than 1000 direct messages per day? I suppose that for big companies (like Spotify), the customer service send more than 1000 direct messages per day.

Thank you !


Hi Cyril,

Rate limits inherently depend on what product you are using and your subscription plan. So, for example, rate limits will vary depending on whether you have enterprise or premium access. And in the case of premium access, rate limits will depend on what tier you decide to subscribe to. You can find more information about prices and rate limits in our pricing docs under ‘See Pricing’ for each premium product:


To answer your questions:

  • It is possible to use the Search API to find Tweets that mention specific names. So the Search API would work for your use case. You may also want to review our documentation on choosing a historical API and the differences between the Search API and Historical PowerTrack.
  • With the Premium Account Activity API, you can have up to 250 subscriptions per month. We will deliver
    ALL activities (listed on this page) related to those subscribed users.
  • It is not possible to send more than 1,000 direct messages per day. It is also not possible to send more than 2,400 Tweets per day per account. We have more information on these rate limits here, here, and here.

You should also know that PowerTrack is still a live product on our enterprise product line. If you would like more information about enterprise pricing, please reach out to our enterprise team.

For more information on rate limiting, make sure to review our documentation for each product and/or our pricing documentation. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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