What are the key parameters for passing MoPub keywords?



What is the full list of key’s in the key-value pair of parameters that may be passed for each keyword type?

MoPub’s publisher Data Passing documentation mentions providing both user data and contextual keywords in order to receive relevant ads from the network. However, there is not a full description of all the key parameters that may be passed.

User Data Keywords

From a different section of documentation Line Item Targeting one may see there are the following params, but no mention if this is a comprehensive list of options.

  • m_age
  • m_gender

Contextual Keywords

There is no mention in the documentation of what parameters are acceptable here as key’s in the key-value pair.

From a twitter community post I can see one developer using a discipline parameter.


@adamhurwitz You can pass up any information you’re collecting about your users and it’s at the discretion of the publisher how they pass it up as a key value pair, we don’t have a standard taxonomy for contextual keywords.