What are some tweet-to-screen platforms?


I am looking for a system to connect to twitter. I need to be able to search for a hashtag, approve and deny incoming hashtag tweets, and have the approved tweets appear in an xml file. I used to use Paratweet for this, but since that is being shutdown, I don’t know what other platforms are out there. Help?


You should check out Fire Text. The software was initially built to enable users to text to screen, but they’ve added Twitter functionality. The software costs just under $1000 and is a one time fee. The only feature I don’t believe it has is XML, but I’m assuming you would be using that feature to import the Tweets into a graphics system. Fire Text utilizes the secondary monitor of your PC to display the Tweets in a customized format (fonts, colors, size, backgrounds, alpha, etc).


I should also mention that I am a freelance video professional that has utilized Fire Text for your same purpose and it works quite well. If you purchase it, make sure you install it on a powerful machine as it utilizes a lot of resources.


hi there, I am also looking for a cost effective tweet to screen platform. Did you have any luck finding one that you liked and can recommend?


wiffiti.com is free and easy to use. I work for LocaModa, the creator of wiffiti. All boards default to a G rating, similar to a Disney movie.


We used both FireText.com @firetext and SOTV.me @sotvme which does Twitter, plus Instagram to Screen, Facebook to Screen, Youtube + 24 more social medias, all triggered by #hashtags