What are derived metrics?



We provide a number of analytics endpoints for obtaining detailed statistics in terms of how your campaigns are performing. Based on these metrics, and depending on what campaign objective you are using, you can calculate some derived metrics.

Let us take a campaign with a TWEET_ENGAGEMENTS objective as an example - what if you wanted to see all impressions for such campaign? You can derive this metric by making use of some metrics that are already exposed - promoted_tweet_search_impressions, promoted_tweet_timeline_impressions and promoted_tweet_profile_impressions; adding those three metrics up gives you a derived metric of impressions.

Let’s take it a step further; can you combine derived metrics with already exposed metrics to get some more derived metrics? You can indeed! If you wanted to get the “Cost per thousand impressions” (CPM) of the aforementioned campaign, you could then make use of the already exposed metric billed_charge_local_micro and the derived metric Impressions as follows:

CPM = billed_charge_local_micro / Impressions / 1000

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