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The Same issue I am facing i.e. I want the callback when the user clicks tweet inside the popup.
What do we now? You guys changed the API functionality according to your needs but now we need verification from the Twitter side that POST is successfully done so that we should perform a further action like Saving details into DB etc.

You have any alternative i.e. any new event you created for Website after Nov 20, 2015 so that we came to know Post successfully done?


The reasons behind the change are described clearly in our original announcement. Simply put, we just cannot guarantee a reliable response given the array of different sharing contexts, including mobile.

The way you could check for a share would be to check a user’s timeline for the expected Tweet. This is more cumbersome, but overall we wanted to simply the API and make it more reliable, so we had to take the hard decision to make this change.


Hi Andypiper,

Thanks for your valuable time and reply. But its general procedure that if we are making/submitting anything to Third party API then we definitely get response i.e. request is submitted or some acknowledgment is there.

Let’s take an example: According to new functionality when a user Clicks on a Twitter button then “Tweet” event gets fired. Suppose, I want to save information i.e. what user is Posting on his wall and if I write saving code in Tweet event then before Posting on Twitter Wall it will get saved into Database which is wrong.
The second case could be that User changes his mind and close the Twitter Popup even then the information gets saved into Database.

Now, the question is will your Tweet API return something in the response of Posting to the wall? Are your Developer team working on this issue and giving something new?

Hope you understand my both two cases and suggest me something.


Yes, I’ve worked on transactional systems and APIs for many years so I do understand your use cases here.

However, on the web, many APIs are not reliable or transactional, and are more “best effort”, so quite often you are going to have to check for success of your action. The public Twitter API does not offer any guarantees that actions will be successful, although our API return codes would usually be a reliable signal.

In this case, as we explained in the original post, it is too complex for us to offer a reliable solution here given the newer mobile contexts etc that the web intents have to operate in. There’s no plan to introduce a callback on completion.

The best way for you to see whether the action was successful is to read the user’s timeline in code and see whether the Tweet was posted.

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