We're currently experiencing an issue with Embeddable Timelines [RESOLVED]


Hi all,

We’re currently experiencing an issue with serving our Embeddable Timelines, and right now you will notice a link with the timeline title rather than the full timeline itself. We’re aware of this issue and are working to resolve this matter as quickly as possible. We will update this thread as soon as this is resolved, and appreciate your patience in the meantime.




This issue has been resolved, and Embedded Timelines are working correctly again.


I am still experiencing this problem. http://www.ajskin.com


All better!! Thanks


Has the issue been tested with AJAX based sites? Widget works fine on initial page load but when I try to render the widget after a new AJAX page comes in I’m receiving the behavior listed in the above issue. Here’s the error I’m getting in my console “TypeError: this.sandbox is undefined” and it’s pointing to line 31 of the widget.js.


I’m still having the issue too- I’m using Wix. I’ve authorized all these sites: santaburger57.wix.com, www.santaburger57.wix.com, editor.wix.com in the widget configuration. Still only shows the “tweets by…” after publishing. :frowning:


Timeline isn’t working for me at all. Just a link to my profile showing. This does work with an HTML5 doc type I’m assuming, right? [EDIT] My mistake… It works.


my client twitter timeline doesn’t work as well http://www.etlwa.pl/pl/.
the coding is correct but it doesn’t work. Would you help?

Tweets by @ETL_Warszawa


Mine still can’t. i-happysecrets.blogspot.com


Help!!! Like a lot of people, all I get is a link. Can anyone help me with this problem?

Tweets by @OGEntertain


Are people still having trouble with Embedded Timelines? My twitter widget won’t work. Just gives my username and the link.


I am having issues with the widget in IE8 specifically. Seems to work find in Chrome and Firefox but in IE8 throws a js error:

‘this.sandbox.doc’ is null or not an object
line: 31
Char: 3648

Any thoughts would be appritiated. I have checked the domain list as this seems to be the only thing listed as something to check.


Does not seem to me that this is resolved. I cannot get it to work at all.

The site’s on Wix but has it’s own domain name. I’ve entered it was both

http://www.mom.net, mom.net
then tried
www.mom.net, mom.net

(no www.mom.net is not the full url… but don’t want to site to go ‘public yet’)

So what this resolution the thread name claims exists?


I am trying to embed tweets onto www.barryfromwatford.co.uk , I have set up the widget on the account @Barryfromwat and have set the website but all that comes up is a link saying Tweets by @barryfromwat please help


I have a similar issue with IE8. Chrome and Firefox work fine. IE8 just gives the link to the twitter page; “recent posts on twitter”

Here’s the site: http://bayergoldenage.com/canola/


I am having the same problem as @Jessicar74 trying to embed the @debbieleetcm embedded timeline twitter feed


After talking with our sysadmin we determined the issue was with our corporate security settings for IE not the widget. Makes me happy knowing I can push the changes to the site but not happy that I don’t know how many people will be affected and not see the widget.


I am also having this issue, was there a really a resolution? I’m using Dreamweaver and Safari


We wanted to add the timeline widget but all we are getting is a small link - Tweets by @curedrive. Is anyone working to fix this?


I am unable to embed a timeline (widget) too. I would also like to change my background but I am unable to do that either.