Welcome to the new Twitter Developer Community


Welcome to the Twitter Developer Community!

The Twitter platform enables developers to build great mobile apps and make better business decisions based on Twitter data.

These discussion forums are for:

  • Application developers looking to build apps and solutions that leverage Twitter in some capacity
  • Answering questions related to the Twitter platform, including Twitter data, Crashlytics, MoPub, or other products
  • Developers looking to meet and work with other developers on mobile or social data projects

Be sure to read our Getting Started Guide and the Developer Rules of the Road.

Getting started with the new Twitter Community

Do these things first!

  • Login with Twitter. If you previously had an account on our forums, your posts and comments will automatically be associated with your username.
  • Edit your Profile. In particular, you should update your email address from username@example.com to a valid address.
  • Read our Community FAQ - this is a place for friendly discussion on development topics for the Twitter platform and products.

What’s New / changes to the discussion forums

  • You can now post and comment using Markdown or BBCode formats.
  • As you use the forums more, you’ll unlock more trust levels to participate and help with the curation and moderation of the community (similar to Stack Overflow).
  • You can flag inappropriate, off-topic and offensive posts for attention by the moderators - please help to keep this a great, friendly space for discussion.
  • Old imported topic threads related to deprecated features such as version 1.0 of the REST API have been closed and marked read only.
  • These forums are not for general user support topics, so some categories have been retired, and future questions related to these issues will be removed.

Although the majority of relevant content from the previous developer discussion forums has been preserved, initially there may be some content that requires further editing (old [node:nnn] format link references, and code blocks which need to be corrected to the new format). There will also be a small number of posts that need to be imported from the old site. Hang tight as we continue to work get these updated!

More information

For more information about our products and services, visit http://dev.twitter.com. You can also reach us on Twitter (obviously!). Just Tweet @TwitterDev and one of our Developer Advocates will help you out.

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