Welcome to the new community! Any feedback on the new forums?


Hi everyone!

We’re a couple of days on from our announcement of Twitter Flight, and the launch of our refreshed Twitter Developers website, as well as these forums. As @jeffsand said in his blog post:

We’ve reorganized all of the content so that it’s easier for you to navigate and get your questions answered. All of the old discussions have been migrated to our new discussion forum; you can reclaim your old posts by logging in with your Twitter account. We’ll be adding a lot more features to the site over the coming weeks.

This is an extraordinary time to be an app developer. Our mission is to provide you with the tools you need to build great apps — and great businesses. We hope to see you soon at Flight!

We’d love to know what you think of the new discussion forums! Are they more useful or usable than what we had before? Let us know on this topic thread whether you have questions, comments, or ideas for how we can make this an even better community for developers on the Twitter platform.

– Andy, on behalf of your @TwitterDev team



Developing Twitter friendly apps provides us as developers many wonderful opportunities. Thank you. However, since the service is free it doesn’t support enough tech support resources to answer questions in a timely manner on this forum. Do you offer tech support on a pay-for-service? So many questions can readily be solved with a brief conversation with a knowledgeable support person. I certainly wouldn’t mind paying for service but it doesn’t seem like support is available anywhere. Twitter is a new technology. I have not been able to find any books either - recent that is - that cover the industry. Can you suggest how i might obtain voice tech support or could I post a request somewhere asking for a consultant for hire? thanks


Hi Steve, thanks for the comment.

We do our best to provide support here on the community forums, but as you’ve noted we can’t always answer everything, nor do so as quickly as some users would like (particularly over a holiday period). There’s an element of peer-to-peer support here as well, of course - and sites like StackOverflow and others can often provide that kind of thing as well. There are also some great pre-built libraries and examples from the community that we are very grateful for! These are all different ways we look to scale our developer support activities.

Unfortunately we don’t have any plans to provide paid tech support at this time.


Thanks Andy. I just want to emphasize that I am not complaining, just saying I don’t know how any tech support could be dedicated to the forum with no revenue coming in to support it… Thanks again.