Weird status withheld responses


I’m using the public stream with the follow filter. Since yesterday I’ve received a number of responses that I’ve never got before:


The array of countries is always empty. I’ve been following the user_ids for quite some time, never had any such response. What might be wrong?


I have been received status_withheld messages after 2/15 4 o’clock.
(withheld with no countries!)

I checked some tweets but tweet is completely normal content!

For example, I receive…

But I check tweet id 434868812911882240, tweet content is “RT @esom_b: 따끔 따끔.\n그 정도의 거리를 유지.”, just normal tweet.


Yeah, forgot to mention that the tweets come through OK. So it doesn’t break my app, it just clutters the error log.



I am getting the exact same problem!
Glad to know that tweets come through ok…


exactly the same thing here :slight_smile:
without broken things… only a lot of logs


It stopped sending status withheld.
Maybe issue is resolved?


I think so. The last one I got was at Feb 18 21:46 GMT, 12 hours ago.