Weird scroll jump with native view in a table




I have integrated native mopub view with success but when i scroll my table view, i see a jump / scroll shifting. I suppose it’s because i use dynamic height row and when a native ads is inserted, the scroll index jump.

The jump can take the full screen, that means i have to scroll the full screen size to get back to where i was before the native ad display. I see no problem when the scroll is on the top and a ad load with the insert animation.

I have double check that there is mp_ before everything where it need to be but maybe i have miss something ???



Well, i reply to myself but would have get some help from support.

The problem was dynamic height with a estimated value too far away from real height value (around 10px away).
Doing myself a caching height value array and returning it resolve the issue.

This should be write in the official doc somewhere.


Hi @SmartHbdev

Thank you for the information. Apologies for the delayed response. The best way to reach us directly is by emailing Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or feedback you may have.

I’m glad to hear you found an appropriate resolution. Just to clarify, when you mention “I use dynamic height row…” are you referring to using the MPTableViewAdPlacer class to render the height dynamically? The MoPub SDK currently does not support dynamic cell height.

I’ll speak with our team about the possibility of making this more clear in our documentation. Thank you for your feedback.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us! Thank you.