Weird interaction between AAAPI, "Message Requests" and the new DM Endpoint


Here’s a scenario that happens not super frequently but enough to cause worry:

A user will send our bot a message and it’ll appear in the “Message Requests” tab.

Which is odd because the handle had has open DMs on for the better part of a year.

We received the message through the account activity API but were not able to respond to that user.

Any insights on this could have happened?

Just double checked and there was no error occurring when trying to DM this user back.


Hey @bobber205,

Sorry for the delay on this one.
When you say…

… are you saying that you were successful in sending a message to the user the when you double checked, or you were unsuccessful and never received an error message?

What response did you get when you tried to respond to that user?

And do you have specific DM ids that we could look at?



Here’s a better summary – sorry for the wordiness.

Someone who has been messaging our bot for several months sent us a message and it ended up in the “message requests” tab. I was able to respond to them manually and everything worked after it.

It’s been too long to find the user but all I remember is that we didn’t’ respond back to them (no error either)


Thank you. I will see if we can investigate this. If you notice it happen again, please let me know.

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