Weird follower count bug


Not sure why this is happening…

I am using the code below to display a twitter follower count. What’s happening is it displays fine here on the script im working on >

Although once I include the file above onto the front page sidebar of the site, twitter is the only one that wont display … As you can see here

Anyone have an idea why it wont display on my front page, but will when I access the file directly?


<?php require_once ('twitteroauth.php'); require_once ('OAuth.php'); $twitter_id = 'ngx2gaming'; $twitter_access_token = 'xxx'; $twitter_access_token_secret = 'xxx'; $twitter_consumer_key = 'xxx'; $twitter_consumer_secret = 'xxx'; $twitter_api = new TwitterOAuth( $twitter_consumer_key , $twitter_consumer_secret , $twitter_access_token , $twitter_access_token_secret ); $twitter_api_link = $twitter_api->get( 'users/lookup' , array ( 'screen_name' => ( $twitter_id ) ) ); $twitter_count = $twitter_api_link[0]->followers_count; echo $twitter_count; ?>




Is there a better developer forum somewhere that has active members ?