Website with authorisation (age gate) and Twitter Cards


We have a site which - due to being an alcohol brand - sits behind an age-gate. The age gate places a cookie onto the visitors computer which is tested against on subsequent visits to check for age approval. This cookie expires after 24 hours - part of our corporate responsibility regarding alcohol consumption and age approval.

With this in place, it appears that the Twitter systems which scape meta-data to show cards (summary, large summary) cannot get beyond our age-gate.

It would be great to understand if this is expected behaviour. Obviously we cannot expose the deeper pages beyond the age gate without interaction with the form on the age gate as this would defeat its purpose in the first place.

Ideally Twitter would understand the age-gate and perform the approval - but this might be expecting too much.

Visit for the home page
Visit for a permalink to the age gate
Visit view-source: for an example of a page behind the age gate


You’re right that the cards mechanism scrapes content, and if you’re using cookies or a redirect to push users through an age gate, that will cause an issue. However, you could add Twitterbot to your site’s robots.txt to let it in.

Being an age-related / alcohol brand, you’ll also find that users on get asked to confirm their date of birth when following your account on Twitter (I’ve just confirmed this).


Incidentally, for more on Twitter’s policies around alcohol brands, see here

Hope this helps!


Thanks @andypiper, we have set up the confirmation of age on following (set up early this year when we began advertising on Twitter). I will look into the robots.txt for twitterbot. Can you confirm the user agent for Twitter’s bot is “Twitterbot”?


That is correct - see