Website was approved, but Twitter Cards are not showing properly


Hi there, I need a serious help to setup and making my Twitter cards showing up properly in Twitter timeline. Here is my website, ( and then, here is my latest Twitter cards for my latest article, see how its not properly showing up as its should be ( The problem:

1- The title page isn’t change according to the article. I tried everytime to change it but the same happening. How to fix it?
2- The page description. Also got the same problem. Its look improper after my website already approved by Twitter.
3- The image? How to make the Twitter Cards automatically load the image from the articles?

Please help me to setup this, I am tired to see everytime the Twitter Cards showing up in my timeline never look as what it should be.
Thank you.


You have 2 twitter:card definitions in your page. You should remove the following block:

The declaration at the top of the page does not have twitter:title or twitter:description, but there is a og:title and og:description so it still should work fine.