Website verification not working in twitter analytics


Under twitter analytics I am trying to add our website. I have added the meta tag it requests but when I hit verify I keep getting the following error ‘Website ownership cannot be verified. Please add the metatag to your site.’. Not sure what I am doing wrong here.


I’m having the same problem. The metatag is definitely there…


I’m having the same problem this morning. Did either of you end up with a solution?


Me too.


Me too. I’m trying to put it in the head section of a WordPress blog.


same here doesn’t work for me either. not sure if its got anything to do with http vs https.


it doesn’t work for


i’m having the same issue. I inserted it into a post to test it out. I’m using Wordpress. Where am I supposed to copy and paste the code to? What am I doing wrong?


Not working for me either. The tag is in the right spot.


Same here. Anyone have a solution, or news from Twitter?


We’re having the same problem too. I’ve tried verifying our site several times after adding the meta tag to the header of our site. I’ve also tweeted out two links to our site since adding the code more than 48 hours ago and nothing.


We have the same problem! We have added the meta tag for the twitter account id to the home page of but the Twitter analytics website verification fails. The verification page seems to enforce http:// - Does it support https:// ? is https only.


Does anyone from Twitter monitor this forum? This post has been around for 3 months with no answer, and it is a fairly serious problem, affecting multiple users and websites.

Anyone from Twitter??


Phew, I just spent a couple hours trying to get this to work. No luck, the meta information is definitely there. Anyone have a clue on this?


I do not know about this