Website url under Application Details


as i dont have a working website i tried putting localhost (i’m using Xampp) as the address but it wouldnt let me do it.
is my format wrong or i cant put localhost in there?



That is imposbile, use :wink:


yeah that works now, thanks dude =)


I amstarting writer. I wrote few books and probably will publish them. Some people read a little of them and I am afraid somebody can steal my ideas, my characters! I need to be verified. Besides my name is UNIQUE! Nobody has it in all world. It was given by my mother’s three letter DEImantė and my father’s two letters RAimundas. And people usually stealthis name which was created just between my family members. I am only one and true Deira in this world. If you need my passport for verifying, I can copy it.

So there is two things why I must be veryfied:

  1. My name
  2. My writer’s works to be safe untill publishing.

#5 works! thanks.


I m still not getting anything from… How to resolve it??