Website url problem


My website URL is showing invalid when I am submitting web directory, but URL is working fine in the browser. One thing here I am an active user of Twitter, I am worried about my twitter account LUBM
@lubmmiddleeast that is related to Lincoln University of Business and Management. Would it affect my site on Twitter? What is the problem please help me!!!


Can you explain how this relates to Twitter? I’m not clear what problem you’re describing or how we can help you.


sir, I was submitting my link to some directory but they showed my link wrong. If my link goes some problem will it be a problem on twitter?


This should have no impact to Twitter.


Thank you so much, sir. I want to know about my site visibility on Twitter, I want to get tips from you. If it is possible or not for you sir because I am new and doing work step by step. How to manage my page as great professional or avoid spammers. Please don’t mind sir.


That’s not a Twitter developer platform question so we can’t provide that advice here. Thank you.