Website url and CallBack url for Exponent apps


Exponent app developers claim that the callBack url for expo apps is:

When I use that to create a twitter app it says invalid url. any help ?


As I understand it, Exponent is used to build mobile apps. You could try using exp:// on its own as the callback URL. However, if you have several of these apps on a device, you’d need each of them to have a unique mobile URI, so I don’t know how to help you to resolve that.



Many thanks for your reply. I followed this twitter login example which specified the callback url in the backend code to be:

When I entered this url in the app settings in my twitter dashboard, it showed invalid url (See the attached photo)


Unfortunately that example has not been updated since the new Callback URL requirements that came in last month. I’m not familiar with Expo but that’s not a valid URI for our callback system on mobile. It would need to use a callback URI without the full path, as documented in our callback page.