Website suddenly not producing summary cards



My site has suddenly stopped producing summary cards?

Everything is correct and in place.

An example URL is

I am getting this error in the validator;

ERROR: Internal server error

Any ideas?


I just went step by step through the pinned troubleshooting post. At the third step I ran:

curl -A Twitterbot

This took over 15 seconds to return a response. The fetcher would timeout at around 7 seconds, so I think this is a network latency and/or site performance issue.


It’s been working just fine until about ten minutes before I reported it here though?

I’ll investigate.


Could be a temporary network latency issue, I’m not sure.


I just attempted to run a hubspot URL through and it too failed, as did a few others.

Seems like an issue your end to be honest.

Hear soon


Yes, that’s possible that there’s a network issue at the moment.


Great. Is there a status page anywhere to confirm this? Does anybody have any solid knowledge it and when it is likely to be resolved?



No, there’s no status page for the cards crawler or our fetcher. I’m unable to comment specifically on whether this is the issue (I’m speculating based on the behaviour I’m seeing), but I’ve already raised internally. Either way, there’s no specific SLA that guarantees cards display. I’d imagine this should be resolved soon if it is an infrastructure issue.

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