Website "non hole page reloading links"


Hello, first of all, sorry, I’m not really sure, where to post this article, but I think, here seems to be the right place for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to ask/know , what code, script or whatever, you(devs) or the twitter website uses, “that you can press certain links, and the page, shows different sites, but it doesnt reload the hole site.”

Sorry again, for my bad english and explanation… :smiley: :confused:


That is called Ajax reloading, it can be either done manually by loading the content manually and inserting it into the DOM or using a fancy library like jQuery or friends.

Although note that this question is not really Twitter related at all, so for future help consider looking at Stackoverflow :wink:


yes, I’ll be looking for that the next time, Ive just thought, I may post my question here, because the twitter site uses it…

But thank you for your answer <333