Website loading indefinitely after adding twitter-wjs Firefox



I have created a very simple webpage which at this point only contains a bit of text, the twitter-wjs, and two twitter buttons. The twitter-wjs is causing the site to load indefinitely (everything seems to load and work just fine, but I am getting a loading symbol in my browser that will never finish). I don’t see any other recent topics reporting this issue, I’m guessing this is some how isolated to Firefox as it doesn’t seem to happen for me in Chrome.

If anyone can tell me what my issue might be here I would appreciate it! And if this is an issue with Twitter or Firefox? Thanks!


bump - this error is persisting. Once again, I am running nothing but the Twitter code alone, and this is causing a loading error


Can you provide a link to a website exhibiting the issue?


This is happening for me on every page (with Twitter script) I noticed, but here is an example that has no other scripts running


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