Website Card website_url 200 char limit



As per, “website_url” in website cards is limited to 200 chars. This is annoying because with query (tracking) parameters it is pretty easy to go over this limit. Our clients pretty regularly have creatives with URLs that are way longer than 200 chars. What is the recommended way to address this? Should I shorten the URL with some third party service and send that?


@CMP: Thanks for the question. It is currently possible to use a URL shortener as a workaround. However, we are exploring expanding this current limit, which is currently 255—the docs are out of date.


Thanks, already went with the URL shortening solution but would be really nice to not depend on it.


@CMP: It is now possible to create website cards using URLs (for the website_url parameter) that are up to 2,048 characters long.