Website Card to create leads


Is there any chance to create a website card which has tehe possibility to fill a form on it?

Something like putting the “player” meta tag and make that form to live on Twitter without taking the user to a webiste loading page


I don’t think so, see this for more info


Not at this time. We previously had a lead generation card type available in the Ads platform but that card type has now been deprecated and removed. You may have some success with using a Summary Large Image card with a “call to action” in the description to click through to a form, but that would not render in the Tweet itself.


Thank you Pipes! The rendering was what we were needing

Do you think that if we put the “play” meta-tag the form can render into the card?


No, there is no way for a form to render in a card, sorry about that. You’ll have to click through to a site hosting the form.


Thank you!