Website card images ratio



Hi all, a few question about the new ratios enforced for the website card ad type, we need some help to quickly turnaround from our side :

  • Do we need to set the values “image_display_width” and “image_display_height” for 1.91:1 through the API even though the ratio of the image is already 1.91:1?

  • We heard you will be deprecating 5:2 ratio on April 24th. Is this true? If so, will you be deprecating this functionality for all ad types and not just website cards?

  • A quick turnaround for us would involve always sending “image_display_width” and “image_display_height” for 1.91:1 for website cards. Do you think this would be a good solution? Will the image be automatically resized ?

Thanks !


@PMillier: Thanks for the question. Website cards automatically render based on the image dimensions. image_display_width and image_display_height are not settable fields. Rather, they provide information on what the rendered aspect ratio will be. Please see this post for more information.


Hey Juan, thanks for your answers. I just need one more precision.
We heard that the 5:2 ratio is being deprecated on April 24th, can you confirm or reject that idea ? It will change the way we will design our ratio solution for website cards. Also is this valid only for website cards or all images used in the different qd types ?



While it will still be possible to create and use 5:2 website cards through the Ads API, we strongly encourage everyone to use the 1.91:1 ratio. If we decide to deprecate the 5:2 ratio, we’ll announce it here in our developer forums.

There have not been any changes to other cards.