Webos xauth


I have this crazy project where I need to literally develop a twitter application on webOS.
The problem is that without using xAuth with oAuth the login process as a common user (end-user who is not signed as a developer) will not be possible.
Therefore I want ask…
webOS applications are considered web base applications or mobile applications?

if are considered web-base applications and xAuth is not allowed…
Is there any way to access to the API to let this end-user login with his/her id and password to post contents?

I will appreciate any tips on this matter.


This is a great question. Are you accessing the authorization page via a web view? if so, I’m not entirely sure why the OAuth flow is not possible for you. I haven’t done any webOS stuff for quite a while so I’m not sure of the state of any libraries you might be trying to use for accessing Twitter at the moment.


Thank you for your answer I appreciate it a lot.
I am not using any webview on my webos app was just wondering if OAuth and XAuth will work on a webos app.