Webhooks for Tweets?



Hi There,

Very quick question:
I got webhooks working and now receive DM events in my application.
Are there plans to send Tweet and Mention events to webhooks at some point? If yes, could I possibly get a time estimate for this?

Many Thanks,
~ Yaroslav


No plans then I take it.


The Account Activity API is intended as a broad replacement for the current user streams API, so the intention is that most of the event types supported in user streams would be available in the future. We’re not currently able to confirm specifics, or the timescale for making these generally available.


Thanks for your reply Andy :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll plan it into my development then.


I also need this feature!
@andypiper Do you have a time estimation yet?


General availability for the Account Activity API is still on the roadmap, no timings to share at this stage.