Webhook URL is not getting registered



Hi ,

I am trying to register a webhook URL . I am performing a post operation to twitter to expose my webhook endpoint and i receive the following message -
{“errors”:[{“code”:214,“message”:“Webhook URL does not meet the requirements. Invalid CRC token or json response format.”}]}
The way i am doing this is -

I am not sure why i am receiving this error. Do i need to make the POST call to register endpoint via a web App ? I guess many people have used twurl to perform this so that i guess should not be a problem.
Can anyone shed any light on this please.


We have had quite a few people write in about this. Have you read through existing posts yet?


yes i have gone through the existing posts. And was unable to come to a closure on the same.


I recommend that you try getting set up with our boilerplate repo and a heroku app first. Then, once you’ve been able to register a webhook with that, switch out the heroku app for your own webhook URL and let me know if that works for you.


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