Webhook subscribing, got High latency on CRC GET



After than my app was whitelisted, still have problems with subscribeing to webhook.

Got his error:

{“errors”:[{“code”:214,“message”:“High latency on CRC GET request. Your webhook should respond in less than 1 second.”}]}

I tried to calculate the response time, and it was less than 0.5.
Server in Germany.

Or with Twitter i can use only servers from USA???

Why i have error about high latency?


I start performance profiler and got this stat’s for webhook response:
User CPU time 0.089 msec
System CPU time 0.013 msec
Total CPU time 0.102 msec
Elapsed time 0.108 msec
Context switches 0 voluntary, 0 involuntary

it much lower than 1sec.


pls need ur help

this is reponse table:


hi, can you share your webhook callback URL, or if that is not possible, can you please let us know if it contains a non-standard port number or anything else that might be unuusual? Thank you.


start url:

callback url:

p.s. on callback url no this strict in 1sec.
callback url generate request to setup webhook.

excerpt from API:

The CRC request will occur

When a webhook URL is registered.
Daily (once per 24 hours) to validate your webhook URL.

Response requirements

Valid response_token and JSON format.
Latency less than 1 second.
200 HTTP response code.