Webhook subscribing, got High latency on CRC GET



After than my app was whitelisted, still have problems with subscribeing to webhook.

Got his error:

{“errors”:[{“code”:214,“message”:“High latency on CRC GET request. Your webhook should respond in less than 1 second.”}]}

I tried to calculate the response time, and it was less than 0.5.
Server in Germany.

Or with Twitter i can use only servers from USA???

Why i have error about high latency?


I start performance profiler and got this stat’s for webhook response:
User CPU time 0.089 msec
System CPU time 0.013 msec
Total CPU time 0.102 msec
Elapsed time 0.108 msec
Context switches 0 voluntary, 0 involuntary

it much lower than 1sec.


pls need ur help

this is reponse table:


hi, can you share your webhook callback URL, or if that is not possible, can you please let us know if it contains a non-standard port number or anything else that might be unuusual? Thank you.


start url:

callback url:

p.s. on callback url no this strict in 1sec.
callback url generate request to setup webhook.

excerpt from API:

The CRC request will occur

When a webhook URL is registered.
Daily (once per 24 hours) to validate your webhook URL.

Response requirements

Valid response_token and JSON format.
Latency less than 1 second.
200 HTTP response code.


Is this issue solved? I am getting the same issue at the time of webhook creation. I am making post request from postman and crc get request is giving proper response but still getting the error:

“errors”: [
“code”: 214,
“message”: “High latency on CRC GET request. Your webhook should respond in less than 3 seconds.”

Please help with this.


Where is your webhook application running? If you’re in a hosted service like Heroku free tier then the app may get put to sleep after a couple of hours, and the CRC endpoint may take longer to respond.


Webhook application is running on glitch. For your reference this is my endpoint https://joyous-may.glitch.me Btw I am getting this issue while requesting the webhook url.


Is that the URL where the CRC request is being posted in, or do you have another endpoint defined?


Yeah that is the url where crc endpoint is defined. Look below for actual reference of both post and get requests.

  1. Post request url (https://api.twitter.com/1.1/account_activity/all/nikitest/webhooks.json?url=https%3A%2F%2Fjoyous-may.glitch.me%2Fwebhook%2Ftwitter) along with OAuth which I am doing from postman.
  2. This is my get request endpoint https://joyous-may.glitch.me/webhook/twitter


I’ve just tried sending a GET request with a CRC to that endpoint, and it is hanging / timing out, so I think there’s something wrong in your app not responding successfully.


When the request came to my app it took 2-3 ms. But not sure why there is no response received on your end.

Look the reponse from the get request:
Timestamp - 1528441205866
crc_token - YWFkMTljYTgtMTk4OS00ZmM5LWJlNzMtZGZkODNiZmVkZmJi
{ response_token: ‘sha256=UJyPXBs1HLFg3bPS1e5g60/V6bNQ3Kh7vVntuc0I1e4=’ }
Timestamp - 1528441205870


Thanks got the issue solved.