Webhook Registration Error


Hi Twitter,

We are using TwitterOAuth to register webhook. But we are getting an error. Could you please help us to resolve this?

Error: “Webhook URL does not meet the requirements. Please consult: https://dev.twitter.com/webhooks/securing

We do have ‘access_token’ in $_SESSION and we have below codes to register webhook.

And we are getting below error.

Could you please let us know if anything wrong with code?

Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.



Hey guys,

Can anyone assist me with this?


Hello @SocialSyncTech,

We just recently updated our error messages to be more informative about the specific issue that you are experiencing. Have you noticed a change in the error message?


Hi LeBraat,

We are still getting same error. I have checked some more SERVER related points like Latency is less than 1 second, TLS seems to be proper etc. which are mentioned on below URL.


Could you please let us know what might be wrong with below “Webhook URL”?




@SocialSyncTech Does your webhook handle CRC requests?


Hi b_lw,

We have checked the whole process using TwitterOAuth package. It seems that we are not getting CRC code (see Step 4 response below).

Note:- We are writing the CRC code in a file. We noticed that there is a code in this file but it got created when we were not at all testing the App. Also please note that the error is now changed as it is saying “Webhook URL does not meet the requirements. Please use HTTPS”.


Response:- Array ( [oauth_token] => xxxxxxx_o [oauth_token_secret] => xxxxz [oauth_callback_confirmed] => true )

Step 2 - Twitter Authorization - https://api.twitter.com/oauth/authorize?oauth_token=Xxxxx_o
Response:- Callback URL - https://www.social-sync.com/social-apis/twitter/callback.php?oauth_token=Xxxxx&oauth_verifier=xxxxx

Step 3 - Creating Access Token using CONSUMER_KEY, CONSUMER_SECRET, [oauth_token] => xxxxz_o, [oauth_token_secret] => xxxxxx
Response:- Array ( [oauth_token] => xxxx [oauth_token_secret] => xxxzz [user_id] => 922863464288346114 [screen_name] => SocialSyncTech ) [status] => verified )

Step 4 - Register Webhook by posting below encoded webhook URL to “account_activity/all/SocialSync/webhooks” endpoint
Webhook URL :- https%3A%2F%2Fwww.social-sync.com%2Fsocial-apis%2Ftwitter%2Fwebhook%2F
Response:- ( [errors] => Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [code] => 214 [message] => Webhook URL does not meet the requirements. Please use HTTPS. ) ) )


Please have a look on CURL communication in below screenshot (I cannot put this as there more than 5 links in this message) and let me know if you have any questions.

Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.



Please never share your oauth tokens and secret keys, you’re giving away access to your account. You should keep them extra safe! Please remove all references to your tokens and keys and I would highly suggest that you regenerate them.

When a CRC request is received on your webhook, it must return a base64 encoded HMAC SHA-256 hash created from the crc_token url parameter and your app Consumer Secret (see documentation)

Not sure why you’re getting this error.
Looking at the CURL response you posted it looks like your webhook link was url encoded twice.
It should be https%3A%2F%2Fwww.social-sync.com%2Fsocial-apis%2Ftwitter%2Fwebhook%2F
instead of https%253A%252F%2Fwww.social-sync.com%252Fsocial-apis%252Ftwitter%252Fwebhook%252F

Maybe try this?


Thanks for your quick reply…

I will take care of tockens and keys in future…



Did @b_lw’s advice help?


Hi LeBraat and b_lw,

We have updated the code and we were able to register the webhook. We acquired ‘Bearer Token’ & checked whether the users subscribed on the webhook.


Next we tried to send a Direct Message from one Twitter Account which is subscribed in webhook. The webhook URL is responding but the result is NULL.

Webhook URL - https://www.social-sync.com/social-apis/twitter/webhook/

We then tried same by hitting FAVORITE button and other few events as well but in every case we are getting NULL response.

Could you please let us know how can we trigger these events (sending messages, LIKE, Retweet etc…)?



Hey guys,

Can anyone assist me with this?


Hey guys,

Can anyone assist me with this?


Hey guys,

Can anyone assist me with this?


Hey guys,

Could you please let us know if there is any problem from our side?


Hey @SocialSyncTech,

I’m very sorry for the delayed response here. Are you still experiencing this?

I am running some tests now to see if I can reproduce.


After running some tests, I was unable to reproduce this.

A couple of quick questions:
Have you double checked your list of subscriptions to see if the users that you are testing with are actually subscribed to by the webhook URL?
Are you actually receiving a response, NULL, or are you just not receiving anything?


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