Webhook registered but never called



Hey guys :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to setup the Webhooks and so far it’s been okay… until i tested the webhook itself.

I have requested and have been granted access to the Beta.
I have granted the “Read, Write and Access direct messages” permissions to my app.
I have registered my webhook using this fine helper: https://gist.github.com/jcipriano/4820fe05152769cc87d4322897755707

I got the id out of the create-webhook-config request and have used it in add-subsciption which printed me a nice “Subscription added”

Easy enough :stuck_out_tongue:

The part i don’t really have and struggle to debug is that my webhook is never called…

I have used my personnal twitter account to send a direct message to the Page DemoVeloParis which is the account associated to my app, but the webhook is just not called…

My webhook looks something like that: https://SOME_ID.ngrok.io/reviews/twitter/message/

Thank you guys for helping :wink:


Hey !

I know what piece was missing : PATIENCE

I looks like when you setup a webhook, it takes a little bit of time to take effect.
I don’t really have an idea on how long cause i tested about an hour after i posted, but i could have worked 10 minutes later who knows … If you guys could provide a bit of information on this it would be great :wink: