Webhook is receiving a duplicate Object with the same user message




I’m constructing a chatbot application, and i noticed my webhook is receiving a duplicate Object from user message. My flux make work around these sended events from Twitter.Then my bot is send many duplicate direct message for the users.

Note: I prepare my application for receive all events from Twitter. This error don’t always occuring. I note of when my user send fast many messages, this error is occurring.

I need a help!

Thank a lot.


Hello @douglasbarlima,

Thanks for reaching out! Which activity type(s) are you seeing this with?
Also, can you give me some details about the specific users who are receiving duplicate activities?
It would also be helpful if you elaborated upon what you mean when you say that the error is occuring when your user sends many messages quickly? Is this one of your subscribed users messaging another subscribed user?


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