Webhook account activity return code 214



When i try to register webhook url i received error code 214
“errors”: [
“code”: 214,
“message”: “Webhook URL does not meet the requirements. Please, check your SSL Configuration.”

My domain URL is: https://twitterapi.amaz.sa/
and it’s grade A on ssllabs.com

Please Help me !


Hello. Could you send the request you’re making to register the webhook URL so I can take a look?

In the meantime, I suggest taking a look at this post: Webhook Error 214



Account activity webhook replies with 214

So you’re still seeing this same, error even with your new certificate and URL?




Are you able to get the account activity API dashboard sample to work, say on a Heroku instance? if so, can you try the same on your server? Trying to eliminate environmental issues related to e.g. SSL here.

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