Web tailored audience



Hi guys,

I’m struggling to find the documentation for creating a web tailored audience through the API.

Can someone provide a guide or point me in the right direction?



I need to be able to specify the exact URL to retarget (like the Twitter UI has).





I’m not sure which feature you are talking about for ‘web tailored audience’ - but if you mean a tailored audience created from a tag placed on a particular webpage, you need to know which tag represents each page and use the correct audience created from that tag.

Tailored audiences are created for web event tags with retargeting enabled flag: https://dev.twitter.com/ads/reference/get/accounts/%3Aaccount_id/web_event_tags

You will need to maintain information about which landing page URL maps to web_event_tag (and furthermore which tailored audience was created from which web_event_tag) on your end if that’s the information you want user to select from.

If this does not solve your question, please follow up with more information like a screenshot and your complete scenario.




@JBabichJapan Thank you for your reply, much appreciated. I am referring to this “Exact URL” feature in the Twitter UI.


Thanks for providing that screenshot, it really helps to clarify things. Universal Website Tags (which is what you’re using when you filter on URL) is not currently available in the API. However, web event tags (which @JBabichJapan described earlier) is available in the API and allows you to create web tailored audiences.


Is there an ETA on the universal website tag feature?


Unfortunately we cannot share a time yet, please keep an eye on @AdsAPI and this forum for updates.