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I am using the TwitterOAuth.php library to post event results from my app. at the end of the tweet I put this url:


The text currently displayed in the tweet is:


The full link (above) is actually compressed by Twitter to a t.co link.

How do I change the text to just display “VIEW FULL RESULTS” as a link instead of the text above.

Alternately, is there any way to render the link as some sort of media? If you copy the link to a browser you will see it is small and sized to fit almost in the tweet box.



Twitter Card markup describes your shared link to generate a preview on Twitter.

You may render the resulting Tweet on your website with an embedded Tweet.


I am sending out a tweet from my PHP app. I am looking for help with two issues:

  1. The tweet has a link reference at the end of it that is converted by Twitter to a compressed t.co link using the first 30 or so characters of the link as the link display text. My question is how do I change that text to something like “VIEW FULL RESULTS”?

I have looked at the API documentation and there is not much there to work with.

what I really need is, if this is possible, is an example study.



You can not set text to display in place of the link. Twitter will display the URL with possible concatenation.


The second part of my wish list is this:

is it possible to render a small web page at the top of the tweet similar to a video or a jpg?

again, specific PHP examples would be appreciated, if it can be at all.



That is not possible, but if you want to show an image when your web link is included in a Tweet, look into using Twitter Cards.


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