Web-site conversion help


This is not a question regarding the dev platform. I am just not getting the help I need from Twitter support (they reply back w/generic emails and point me to documentation) and you guys are my only hope.

I have a Twitter biz accnt. I setup Conversion tracking for my ads on ads.twitter.com.There I see the status as green = tracking but I am not seeing any site visits (I should be since ads are getting engaged and clicked). I am given a piece of code (Twitter universal website tag code) and I paste it on my web pages right before the closing body tag. On chrome, I installed the Twitter Pixel Helper extension. When I go to my website that tool says:

1 Twitter website tags found on undefined.
Twitter website tag fired successfully

Tag ID: o1epk
pageview standard event found.
Tag location: Not Detected
URL parameters:
p_id: Twitter
p_user_id: 0
txn_id: o1epk
events: %5B%5B%22pageview%22%2Cnull%5D%5D
tw_sale_amount: 0
tw_order_quantity: 0
tpx_cb: twttr.conversion.loadPixels
tw_document_href: https%3A%2F%2Fdaisukicoaching.com%2F

Unknown parameter “tw_document_href”. Twitter will not recognize this param. Check the spelling of the parameter.
The page looks like it has a malformed URL. This may affect your conversion tracking if it doesn’t match your matching rules.

What am I doing wrong here? I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you so much,



What’s your Ads account ID?


I am also experiencing this issue.
General tracking is verified, but my conversion events are throwing the "Unknown parameter “tw_document_href” " error message, and are not appearing in my Conversion Tracking dash.
My Ads account ID is 18ce54oa6tu

Can you help?


Hi, Im getting the same error with single-events and Universal tags.
Tried pushing the code to the site and also Google Tag Manager, same results.
My Account ID is oq1zvm


Sorry, I just noticed you replied! Thank you so much! How can I find my account ID?


Never mind, I found it: 18ce54sbqnd. I look forward to hearing back from you.


Has anyone been able to fix the problem on his/her end? I am still struggling with it and I’d appreciate any help.


I’m having the same issue. Any assistance would be great, thank you in advance!