Web Page with MoPub Ad causes all links to open in new window


Recently all pages on my web app that contain a MoPub banner ad open a new window if ANY link on that page is clicked, not just the ad. I’ve confirmed the behavior in multiple browsers, both desktop and mobile and on multiple sites. I don’t know exactly when this started, but it is new and really messes with my visitors.

Has anyone else seen this behavior and is there a work around or fix?

Thank you.


Hello tc_jm,

Are you using our old mobile web tag or our new mobile web tag?

Can you let us know which tag you are using?

The MoPub JS will add target="_blank" to the <a anchor if you have one.

We recommend putting the Mobile Web tag within an iframe if you are using the old tag. The current asynchronous tag here is already constructed within an iframe.


Let us know the details here, so we can troubleshoot further.




The solution provided in your link was spot on and solved the problem perfectly. I guess I need to watch for updates a little more carefully.

Thank you for your expert help.