Web Intents - Retweet button triggers unusual language


When using the web intents retweet button, upon successfully retweeting a tweet, the dialog box says:

“$referral_domain suggests you follow:”

Where $referral_domain is the domain hosting the retweet link. So for example, on the docs page when I retweet Biz Stone, it says “dev.twitter.com suggests you follow:”

This is strikes me as odd and untruthful, and could seriously undermine a third party’s attempts to appear neutral.

For instance, even if they used your retweet url, TheWhiteHouse.gov should never suggest you follow anyone, let alone an entity associated with midget tossing. Twitter suggests you follow people, no one else. You built the algorithm, you are making the suggestion, so why does it say that I’m behind the suggested users.

Please fix this bug, it is a LOE 1 if anything ever has been.

Thanks and keep up the good work,



Almost two years later, this is still an issue.