Web Intents Programmatically with callback?



Is there a way to call web intents (ie. tweet) programmatically?

I’m including the widgets.js file and I’m successfully getting callbacks on clicked <a> links.
However I would like to call the popup from angularjs and still get the callback (I understand you don’t get the callback if the popup isn’t opened by twiiter’s script).



It is on our road map to add an intents javascript API, but it’s not available yet.

However, if you create a link which has a href pointing to an intent url, then widgets.js will send you back events because it listens to all links which point to to twitter intents. Here’s a jsbin to illustrate it: http://jsbin.com/duvaco/2/edit?html,js,console,output

Note: if you trigger the click programmatically, browser will usually block it by default unless the action was initiated by the user.