Web Intents pop-up is broken in Chrome (or Blink)



Hello, I just noticed that the web intents are no longer opening a pop-up in Google Chrome. I am trying with different Chrome setups (on different machines) and I always get the same results: links that used to open in a popup now open in a new tab.

I dug a little more and found that this problem also affects Brave which, as far as I know, uses the same engine as Chrome (Blink).

The intents do not even work in the web intents documentation site!

Video in Chrome: https://cl.ly/2N1h3K3V3W3c
Video in Firefox: https://cl.ly/2c0i1C3X1R2T
Video in Safari: https://cl.ly/1U3Q2Y3l3B1M

Note that in Firefox and Safari the pop up opens just fine.

I remember the pop up opening a couple months ago, I noticed the problem now because of a bug report in the product I am maintaining.

Is this a known bug or is it something new that Twitter’s team is already handling? Should I expect a fix or should I start finding a workaround?

Opening my own pop up could be an option.

I found other people asking questions regarding this behavior: https://superuser.com/questions/1223168/how-can-chrome-59-0-3071-115-be-configured-to-not-open-a-popup-as-a-new-tab


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