Web Intents and Redirect to app



When I use Web Intents, it does not give me a pop up screen in my app/game. It spawns a full size browser. Once I post the tweet, I would like to be redirected back to my app/game. I must use c# for code.



I’m afraid Web Intents don’t offer a way to redirect to native Apps. To integrate Tweeting with a C# native app smoothly you’d be better using the API (or TwitterKit on Fabric if developing for iOS or Android.)



Thank you for your response. What I believe will solve the issue is if the Web Intents would work as advertised. The documentation shows that Web Intents should give a small pop up window within my game/app. Meaning the user will never leave my sight (pun intended ;*)). Anyway, when I use Intents, it does not open a pop up, it redirects me to the URL in a full sized browser. Do you know of a fix for this using c#?

Thank you in advance.