Web intent session not working


a few days ago, the url link

is working,
and web page is http://ww3.sinaimg.cn/large/70f1e501jw1ee83yzc67tj20dc0m8jsp.jpg
but now, this url can not open, twitter return “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”

How can I handle this?


What is your use case for directly referencing /intent/session instead of linking to a user intent?


Thanks for your reply
for example, https://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=kfc
it’s include the user mini profile, but I do not need that,

I want to make a user to login twitter and then follow the twitter account(in the url screen_name) .

so I need a login page, after login, redirect to the twitter.com/screen_name page the follow him/her.



Does twitter close the session intent?

when I open https://twitter.com/intent/user
twitter remind me "required parameters"
when I open https://twitter.com/intent/session
twitter return “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”



What you want is intent/follow. That has an inline login form with a one click “Sign in an Follow” button.


I’ll work on updating the documentation about /intent/follow. Apologize for the missing documentation.


Thank you very much for reply.
I checked that intent, but it expose the user follower and following.
I do not need that.

anyway, https://twitter.com/intent/session?return_to=%2Fintent%2Ffollow%3Fscreen_name%3Dkfc&screen_name=kfc
works normally now.

Thank you!


We do not offer ways to follow without showing the the user’s profile with counts. The “mini profile” you refer to, contains information we consider as important to show the user before following.

I will advise you to stay away from using /intent/session directly. The use of intent/session is not documented and not guaranteed. Also, I don’t think the return_to param does what you expect.


The follow Web Intent is the correct flow for your intended follow action. A logged in user will see a profile display similar to the user intent. A logged out user will see an inline sign in form which will perform the follow action on successful sign in, returning the user to the follow intent page in the now logged-in state.

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