Web event tag cannot be deleted


I am trying to delete a web event tag using the following endpoint: https://ads-api.twitter.com/4/accounts/:account_id/web_event_tags/:web_event_tag_id

I am getting the following error message: “Online Conversion Tracking Pixel _______ cannot be deleted because it’s auto-created.”

What is meant by such an error and why am I getting this?


Hey @kirankumarimeh1

Could you please provide the entire request/response bodies for the API call?

Additionally, as the error message indicates, it’s currently not possible to delete auto created Web Event Tags. Only tags that were created via the POST web_event_tags endpoint can be deleted. Auto created web event tags are generated when setting up a UWT (Universal Website Tag) which can only be done via the UI.

Hope that helps!



Thanks…that’s all I wanted to know.