Web crawler refuses to forget card



What would cause the web crawler to “never forget”? I set up a card in October, but since deleted the meta data, and now 10 weeks later it still hangs on to the stale data.

Details: Initially I had a URL redirting to a tumblr home page. Turns out tumblr has card metatags, and the crawler picket it up. Once I had my own web page set up with twitter metadata I pointed the url to that, but the old tumblr card still showed and only with newer url’s i.e xxx.com/?x=1 did I get the new card, but the base URL always returned a card with the no longer referenced tumblr page… for weeks. Now, all the way in December, I just want it all forgotten. Twitter card meta data has been gone for over a month, but depending on how a tweet is sent, ( by dm or tweet or client, I get some random old card… when all I want is nothing. Only thing unusual I can think of is the URL used to point to redirects ( like tublr, or amazon ) which in turn redirect to https.

here’s the url:


I’ve just tried Tweeting your URL and see no card at all, which is correct since as you say, the link is just a redirect to net-a-porter, and there’s no card data there.


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