Web app that stores and displays some Twitter content, allowed?


Hi, I’m writing a web application that stores user’s short thoughts, which are similar to tweets. It gives users the ability to import tweets, as well as manually add their own using a text box, to this application’s database, where they are stored. The application will display these tweets publicly. Presently there is no regulation as to which tweets get uploaded; the user can upload any tweets they want, whether they belong to them or not. Also it will use these tweets to give the user insights about there own thoughts and the thoughts of others, including trending keywords, keyword relationships, and recommended thoughts. Also I plan to implement a feature that automatically pulls in tweets from Twitter when demand for a topic exceeds the supply of the topic. This application is not commercial. I have not begun promoting this service.

Is this allowed?



Oh, and it uses Twitter’s search API, i.e. http://search.twitter.com/search.json?q=my+search


If you follow the [node:142] and all aspects of the terms of service, then it’s likely a service like this would be allowed. I would recommend you use API v1.1 rather than the now-deprecated v1 API.