We need to re-apply, but validation tool already shows all metadata fields correct



We got email from twitter that we need to reapply for player cards:
"The URL you provided for theindie.biz to use the player card did not validate. Please make sure the page contains valid metadata, then reapply for a Twitter card."
Page provided: http://www.theindie.biz/songs/top_songs
I validated page again, and all required metadata is available and indicators are green on validation tool page. (stream and app integration are left empty, but those are not required) Also: autostart is off, twitter:player is https.

  1. Can we get more info which metadata is wrong or missing?
  2. Does media page (twitter:player - url) also needs metadata? I compared with youtube page and “twitter:player” page does not have metadata.
  3. Can anybody confirm that once approved for player cards, all urls from our domain will work? We have lot of dynamic pages, I hope we do not need to re-apply for each.

I reapplied without changes, I hope there was only problem with timeout for picture in moment when you tested page.




We still have problems with approval.
twitter:image is updated to https in case this was problem.
Can anybody check this?



We still have problem with approval, can anybody assist?



We are trying to resolve this issue. It seems we have correctly created a player card with the correct data, however your system is telling us the metadata is incorrect. Can someone please provide assistance?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

CEO, TheIndie.biz


Can someone @twiiter provide any assistance on this matter? This thread has been open for a week and no one has responded.


Anyone at twitter able to help us out here?


Same problem as the above. Does anyone at Twitter actually bother reading these comments?