We need a "reply to" (mention) tweet intent


There’s currently no way to create an @ reply tweet using the Twitter web intents. We have the “in reply to” intent, which must specify a specific tweet to reply to:

But there’s no simple “tweet this person” intent. The best option is to use the simple tweet intent like so:

But this leaves the text highlighted, and I’ve found that most people start typing and therefore remove the @ reply. Ideally there would an intent called “reply” which worked like this:

Which would create a tweet box but the initial @ reply cannot be removed, or at least doesn’t select the initial text. What do you think?


Thanks for the suggestion. This is called a “mention” (rather than a @reply which pertains directly to an originating status id) and you’re right that the intent system could better encourage this use case.


Thanks @episod, yes that’s what I mean. An intent like this would be very useful:


This is possible, even though unmentioned at the Web Intents documentation.

If you use the screen_name parameter to pass on a twitter handle, it won’t be included in the pre-selected area when the intent box pops out.



where is the documentation for https://twitter.com/intent/tweet


There: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/intents#tweet-intent