We have implemented an instant win campaign using Twitter ,but We accept several inquiries every day that the reply will not be returned


An instant win campaign lasting for 20 days is held on Twitter. For the details of the campaign, when users Tweet/Re-tweet(RT) the designated hashtag, results of the instant win will be replied to them immediately.

However, every day we received some complaints from users, about not receiving any replies of instant win. By investigating the system, we found that the automatic reply system works well but seems the system does not collect the RT action properly. Also for the further investigation, we found that the common features of the users who cannot receive the reply properly, where those are:
・No search result was shown when searching the account
・Users mainly patriciate in the campaign and RT frequently per day
・Users can receive replies from other campaign

Moreover, it was known that some users could not receive reply only at the first day or the 4th day of the campaign. Indeed, the reply conditions varies to the accounts.
※For those users inquire that not receiving the replies, whose account can be searched in Twitter.

We hope to minimize the problems as to provide a fair campaign for all users by applying the API of “Search Tweets” to collect the Tweet/RT from them. Therefore, to improve the system, we would like you to answer the following questions:

  1. Is there any limitation of applying API to collect the account which cannot be searched?
  2. For question 1, is it possible to collect those accounts if we change the API to a paid plan?
  3. For question 2, if it is possible, which plan should we choose?
  4. For question 2, if it is not possible, is there any other methods for us to collect the Tweet/RT which could not be searched?
  5. Are there any other reasons that we could not collect the RT from the users?
  6. Lastly, what is the standard of fliting the search results?

We hope these can assist as to improve the problems and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Hi @shuhei.ueyama. To better help you, could you provide the URL of the API/s you’re referring to here?

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