We have been approved for Twitter Cards yesterday, our links work with the preview tool, but they don't work while tweeting links - why?


We have been approved for Twitter Cards yesterday, our links work with the preview tool, but they don’t work while tweeting links - why?
Shouldn’t be any problem with social-secrets.com so we don’t understand why it isn’t working…


Please note that a whitelisting for social-secrets.com does not mean you can use www.social-secrets.com too! It is a common mistake, apply also for Twitter Cards with your domain including the www. part, it solved my problem within 24hrs.


We tried both - tweeting with and without www. - no change…


But did you apply with social-secrets.com or www.social-secrets.com; That makes the difference and what your cards return to twitter.


We applied with social-secrets.com - but then it should work by tweeting links without www. - shouldn’t it?


Then it only works if your cards list social-secrets.com/URI
And they don’t… Also your URL without www. is redirected back to the one with www.
Either you fix your site working without the www. or you apply again for TwitterCards including www.
We found the later one to be more efficient due to all cached url etc at partners.


Thanks for your help! Just applied again with www. - perhaps that works!


It should work now, I fixed your whitelist entry to cover both options.


Hi Sylvain,

I’m having the same issue, however the domain I’m using (www.abmassocation.com) is the one that was approved. I’m finding that a summary card will appear if a Tweet a link without “http://” but that only works with the link I used in my application. I am trying to Tweet another story and it does not show up regardless if I delete “http://”. Can you help?


I have the same problem, my twitter cards was approved but not working, I have to do?

Example: https://twitter.com/SantiContreras/status/268211583463862272



I don’t know what happened, but it works now! Maybe @froginthevalley fixed it or maybe you have to give it some time.


Sorry for posting in two threads, but I just saw this one and the topic seems to be the same, but more current. I’m also having this issue.

A couple of observations:

We often post using HootSuite, which shortens the URLs with ow.ly. That said, the preview tool still shows the summary card with ow.ly-shortened URLs.

Our product URLs are often quite long because they are SEO-optimized, for example:

They can be reached using a shorter format, for example:

In the preview tool, the shorter format works where the standard form does not (the input field cuts it off), even though the shorter form automatically redirects to the page at the standard form URL. Neither format works for actual tweets.

Any thoughts?


If your domain has been approved, you should not have problems with long URLs. The “long url problem” is specific to the form on the preview tool page.


Please use this thread for support on cards - [node:12866]