We got error code:32,Could not authenticate you


when i make a call to get muted id’s and blocked id’s concurrently,that time which one be the first api call,for that i can get data,for second api call i cant get data.For the second im getting this message {“dataObj”:"{“errors”:[{“code”:32,“message”:“Could not authenticate you.”}]}"}.



What library are you using to connect to the REST api?

There shouldn’t be any issues with calling those two concurrently, if the requests are properly generated (correct oauth headers etc)

Does the same thing happen in you try with curl?


We didn’t use any libraries,we make url and connect to rest api.if i make a call individual call to block or mute.it was working.So oauth headers should be correct.


Am I correct in understanding that you are making two requests and the second always fails? If you request blocks and then mutes, mutes fails and if you request mutes and then blocks, blocks fails?


yaah,you are correct.what you explained,that’s happened for me.


It sounds like you have it working correctly but between requests values are getting set to something else or somehow changed to become invalid.