We are getting error ,when calculating reach and publishing campaign with followers


We are getting error ,when calculating reach and also publishing campaign with followers

Reach Estimate Api: https://ads-api.twitter.com/0/accounts/18ce53yho7j/reach_estimate?interests=1001&followers_of_users=370626539&placement_type=PROMOTED_TWEETS_FOR_TIMELINES&user_id=433259057

“User 370626539 is not promotable”

During publish campaign, post targeting api throws below error for followers
Post targeting Api:
Error: Only promotable users for this account can have their followers directly targeted

The same scenario works in ads.twitter.com, because they seem to be using a different endpoint for prediction which is forecast. https://ads.twitter.com/accounts/:account_id/campaigns/forecast


@sudha0618 as the error messages indicate, you can only target the followers of user who have gone through the process of becoming a promotable user for your advertiser account. Currently your advertiser account has no promotable users except for yourself, the owner of the account which is by default a FULL promotable user.

For a list of promotable users available to you, you can call GET accounts/:account_id/promotable_users.

It’s by design that you’re not able to make these calls or target a user ID that your account isn’t eligible to promote. Under the hood, both the UI and the Ads API share the same common back-end where this intentional restriction is enforced. While the UI might enforce it a bit father downstream, you’ll still not be able to do what you’re attempting to do in either system.